To our valued international corporate with a presence in Japan:


MARUNAKA Printing Inc. has been active for over 50 years with a motto “PAGE+TECH” expresses that we add value technology to your document pages. Since our founding in 1961, we have handled translations and document creation in languages from around the world on behalf of our corporate customers, who proudly represent Japan.

We provide diverse document creation and translation services to assist with business expansion and marketing activities within Japan. Please feel free to contact us any time.


We translate from Japanese to other languages. We also provide translation services from other world languages into Japanese.

Our translators are professionals with expertise in their fields.

Translation Fields

Business documents, IT-related documents, technical documents, patent documents, legal documents, contracts, financial documents, instruction guides, assorted manuals, websites, user interface translation, and so on.

Editing and DTP

We provide not only translation services but also diverse document design and editing services.

Main Document Types

Instruction guides, assorted manuals, manuals, catalogs, contracts, annual reports, CSR reports, and so on.


The documents we translate and edit are output in various formats according to customer desires and demands.

Small lot (small quantity) printing: On-demand printing
Large lot (large quantity) printing: Offset printing

PDF (Interactive PDF)




We also offer video manual creation services.

At PAGE+TECH / MARUNAKA Printing Inc., we accept orders for translation-only, editing-only, and output-only jobs, and we are also equipped to serve as a one-stop shop for a total order, giving the customer faster delivery and lower costs.

Contact us by email.

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Corporate Profile

Trade Name: MARUNAKA Printing Inc.

Founded: November 20, 1961

Capital: 10,000,000 JPY

CEO: Takao Ishii

Address: 2-26-6 Nakamagome, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 143-0027, JAPAN

Major Clients

NEC Corporation

NEC Display Solutions, Ltd.

NEC Magnus Communications,Ltd.

NEC Fielding, Ltd.

NEC Engineering, Ltd.

NEC Management Partner, Ltd.

NEC Nagano Ltd.

NEC Groups

Panasonic Corporation

Seiko Instruments Inc.

Seiko Solutions Inc.

OKI Data Infotech Corporation

3D Systems Japan K.K.

Harman International Japan Co., Ltd.

Opentable K.K.

Yayoi Co., Ltd.


Giant Co., Ltd.

Kett Electric Laboratory

Other leading domestic and international corporate clients